“Gay Brown and Proud” says head of Nazi EDL

The English Defense League, the collection of English racists that are not actually racist, or certainly not as racist against blacks as they are against Muslims, or whatever, leadership may soon be up for a change now that leader Tommy Robinson has come out of the closet as a rampant homosexual and admirer of brown skin.

Tanning shop owner Tommy and current leader of the EDL told our reporters on Thursday:

“Look I have always been a little bit ginger beer, any one could have spotted it, I own a tanning salon for Christ’s sake!”

Ex convict Robinson who has a string of convictions to his name for assault and battery added:

“Normally people like me who lets face it, are not the brightest buttons in the box, will get confused when they get the urge to do some serious bumming, instead of running around motorway rest stops getting it rammed up my butt cheeks, I have instead been building a hate organization of other angry young white men that blame Muslims for everything that is wrong is this country! “

Of course we say we are not a “Racist” organisation, I just thought we would have a pop at Muslims, and why not! After 7 prints of Stella down the pub with the lads on a Saturday and with the lack of football violence to keep us busy it just seemed to be a good idea.

If Muslims are guilty of causing every problem in the UK or just the majority still wasn’t clear said Mr Robinson

Look, sometimes a really simple answer to all highly complex problems is just the way to go, it fucking worked for the Germans didn’t it, they had Hugo boss suits and everything, but now I am out of the closet I will probably just stop it and start behaving.

Now I know what I really want out of my life, I expect I will settle down with my new partner Mustapha and our two Persian cats and just live a peaceful and quiet life full of as much bum action as I can squeeze in”.

Links – Its the rap-sheet that made him such a good choice for leadership