George Bush to donate testicles

George Bush will be the first human to donate his testicles without being dead.

“I simply don’t need them anymore, Barbera is as dry as the Serengeti these days so my nad sacks, well they are just dangling around like Kermits legs and causing me a terrible amount of chafing to boot. kermits-legs

I am going to donate them to Barak Obama who quite obviously needs them, when I was in the job I had shit loads of wars, I literally had wars coming out of my arse hole, I literally couldn’t lay down a fart without raining down all hellfire on a bunch of brown people somewhere!

Poor old Barack on the other hand hasn’t been able to pull one decent war together yet even though we know there are boat loads of chemical weapons in Syria, I know because that queer looking English guy David Cameroon showed me the bill of sale, Assad had signed it and even taken out an extended warranty on the war heads so we have the bastard bang to rights.”

Doctors for Bush have stated that the removal of his testicles should cause no long term damage to his forehead.


Who gives a fuck what the UN thinks – we have been planning this for ages!

Who sold these fucking nutters chemical weapons! – Oh shit it was us

We know its his mom…..