Hugo Boss Make Great Badie Costumes

Meanswear giant Hugo Boss is to go into full production of Badie costumes at their third world production facility. Company chairman Fredrick Sphiener stated –

“This Company was founded on making uniforms for the Nazi’s, so we have been making shit hot kick ass badie costumes since the 40s!

Of course back then it was all about skulls and crosses, eagles and the like but these days its much more to do with silver piping and tight trousers, either way if you are going to be a baddie you have to look first class otherwise why bother!”

Hugo boss who tailor for some of the worlds leading terrorist organisations in the Middle East and USA know that battle dress needs to be both functional and stylish when they are kitting out a bad ass badie

Ali Mohammed Mohammed of The Al Quaida red brigade currently fighting in Syria explained –

The cut of my dish dash makes it easy for me to both commit scurrilous acts of murder and look classy on the battlefield, I will always adore Hugo!

Market research has shown that badies need a certain something when flaunting on the cat walk, Hugo Boss have decked out clients at the international bank of settlements, the mob, even Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is known to keep a couple of Hugos on hand for those moments on TV.

With the average Hugo suit retailing for thousands the company has gone into extra production at the manufacturing plant in Germany, it seems as though the international market for badie costumes is a huge growth market and Hugo Boss are cornering the “Bad Bastard” look.