Saudi Arabia – Poor Rapist Speaks Out

Apparently if you are unlucky enough to be born in Saudi Arabia, and then you have even worse luck and are born with a Va-Jay-Jay and not a nob, then you need to watch how you express your sexual willingness to young men.

“She was gagging for it and has been asking for it for ages habibi, then one day she just came up to me asking about some bullshit photo and started rummaging around in my car! Of course I did what any full-blooded Saudi male would do in the same situation; I simply called up six of my rapist mates and then we went about stuffing it up her brutal style! In Saudi we are so repressed, oppressed and fecking depressed that a good rape session breaks the monotony of doing absolutely fuck all.

Any women that lives in Saudi Arabia knows that asking for photos and getting into your friends car is as much of a come on as rubbing your minge against a mans leg! She is quite obviously a rampant seducer of young and otherwise god fearing men like my good self, she should be punished!”

This was the commentary of Bashir Mustapha Hamidi Wonkabus one of the seven young victims that was cruelly forced to take part in the gang rape.

Unjustly for the god fearing people of the completely and utterly fucked up and backwards kingdom, only light justice was served to the woman.  She was sentenced to just 90 lashes for her part in her forced gang rape.  Obviously for her part in violating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s rigid Islamic laws on segregation of the sexes, this was a light sentence.

But thanks to the amazingly progressive Sharia Court that ruled on the case, the sentance was subsequently increased because the woman’s lawyer stuck his nose in! So they increased the sentence to a more realistic and rounded 200 lashes, old skool style.

“The charges were proven against the woman, she was in a car with a strange male, that on its own should have seen her get her tits chopped off!  Quite obviously she was up for a seven-pronged forced gang raping! The little strumpet knew what she was getting into.

Actually we were going to leave it at 90 lashes because she comes from a good family, but then her lawyer decided that he would go spouting off to the worlds press! That pissed us off, so quite simply we bumped the number of lashes up a bit.  (90 to 200)

Honestly you should have seen our religious supreme judges laughing their dicks off when her lawyer went to the press, my mate Ali had to hold his dick to stop him pissing himself and soaking his dish dash.

If you live in Saudi and you are a female you are fucked, literally, people should just get used to it! “

Stated Shiekh Aba Daba Badacunt of the Shaira court presiding on the case, curiously whilst wanking off to a picture of a berka clad young female perched atop a camel sporting PVC trousers, whilst a young Indian servant boy rammed a fish-fork up his anus – but that is bye the bye.

lashesThe status of the young harlot is unclear, oh no hold on here she is, she is fine what were we worrying about!

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Don’t meddle in our shit say Saudi Law Makers

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